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City Guide for Oldham, England
Fun things to do in Oldham, England.


Top Restaurants

Ayce Express Oldham

Ayce Express Oldham 5 star rating

Chinese, Indian
It WAS brilliant with a great ambience, but just for everyone's info it's now sadly closed down, I'd say this was partly due to huge competition from Taj...

Prithiraj 5 star rating

Prithiraj is a Indian Restaurant situated on the outskirts of Oldham Town Centre and it really is a excellent restaurant. Myself, my partner two friends and...
Sunrise Chinese Takeaway

Sunrise Chinese Takeaway 5 star rating

Fast Food
You know what, it's very rare that I'll give a take away a five star but for these guys I have too! We'd had a long day and my family and I were in...
Oldham Star

Oldham Star 5 star rating

Halal, Pizza
Fresh busy tasty inexpensive and superb quality ... The best for miles also see Al Wazl
Dragon Palace Chinese Takeaway

Dragon Palace Chinese Takeaway 5 star rating

This little take away is quite simply one of the best Chinese take aways around Oldham! Chinese cuisine is one of my favourites and after trying quite a few...

Kebabish 5 star rating

Now this is what im talking about!!! You want amazing indian food? cheap? polite service? This is the place to go, the food is amazingly fresh, well cooked...
The Naked Bean

The Naked Bean 5 star rating

This is in the main part of central libuary /gallery The ideal place if your into books mags /videos /DVD You can lend any what ever suits you On the...