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City Guide for Utrecht, Netherlands
Fun things to do in Utrecht, Netherlands.


Top Restaurants

Meneer Smakers

Meneer Smakers 5 star rating

I was living in Utrecht for six months and everytime I was craving some in and out burgers I would go to two places, meneer smakers and Burger Bar. Meneer...
Te Koop

Te Koop 5 star rating

Wine Bars, Cafes
Very solid discovery mystery menu, we had some great duck & a well cooked fish plus an awesome dessert all for only 22 euros per person. The decor is very...

Goesting 5 star rating

Modern European
Workshop colleagues from different countries explored this stable-turned-restaurant with modern European food... very warm and friendly staff (even handed...

Kloek 5 star rating

Barbeque, Pubs, Chicken Shop
Five star rating for a chicken restaurant from a vegetarian?? *Gasp* Yep, Kloek is just that much fun. We came here about a month ago now for our date...
De Kust

De Kust 5 star rating

this place is across the street from my friends apartment so i have been here a few times before. I don't know what it is but my last meal was amazing! I...
Cafe Heen & Weer

Cafe Heen & Weer 5 star rating

This bistro style spot boasts Prosecco for as little as 5 euros, and decent coffee! The '12 Uurtje' special is to die for: tomato soup, croquette, salad,...

Talud9 5 star rating

Wine Bars, Coffee & Tea
This is a cozy, intimate, "gezellig" little wine bar. There is no official wine menu - just tell the server what you like and they will bring you a few...