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Western Michigan University Guide
Western Michigan University is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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Waldo Stadium
Saturday, Oct 15 at 1:00 PM
StubHub $19
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Miller Auditorium
Saturday, Oct 29 at 7:30 PM
StubHub $80
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Lawson Ice Arena
Friday, Nov 4 at 11:00 PM
StubHub $55
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Lawson Ice Arena
Saturday, Nov 5 at 11:00 PM
StubHub $55
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Top Restaurants

Coexist Café

Coexist Café 5 star rating

Coffee & Tea
So you want to study, drink coffee and feel like you're in Seattle but still be close to Western Michigan University!!?? Then Coexist Café is the where you...
Studio Grill

Studio Grill 4.5 star rating

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch
I am in town for the day and hungry for breakfast. A good breakfast that won't break the bank. I check Yelp out and find the Studio Grill. It is small...
Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest 4.5 star rating

Breakfast & Brunch, Vegetarian, Vegan
As a YoPro, this place is the best place to brunch with family and friends. They have a great atmosphere with good food. It's worth the wait; however, I...
Station 702

Station 702 4.5 star rating

Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee & Tea, Cafes
Still my favorite breakfast stop! You know you like a place when they recognize you voice on the phone. LOL Good guys great food, breakfast burritos rule!...
The Korea SY House

The Korea SY House 4.5 star rating

Wonderful owner. The food is amazing. The staff is kind and it a great little place! There are so many things to try. I enjoyed the Fried Mandu. Similar to...