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  • Chicago Theatre, section: MNFL3R, row: LL, seat: 314
    Really tough to see the stage, I was blocked by heads most of the time. The incline is not steep enough for standing shows
  • anonymous 5 star concert seat view
    Chicago Theatre, section: MNFL4L, row: AA, seat: 405
    Hozier tour: Wasteland, Baby!
    BEST VIEW. Don't regret anything!
  • Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre, section: EEE, row: 4, seat: 7
  • Mahaffey Theatre, section: Box 39, row: 39, seat: 4
    Hozier tour: Wasteland, Baby!
    Great seats! Semi-private box with non fastened-down seats. No one behind you so you can stand up, lean on the drink shelf, dance...whatever! Good view and good sound, although the mix was too loud for the room.
  • anonymous 3 star concert seat view
    Beacon Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: W, seat: 106
    It says obstructed view due to soundboard, but isn't really. Only real obstruction might be someone tall in front of you.
  • Beacon Theatre, section: Upper Balcony 4, row: L, seat: 52
    Hozier tour: Hozier
    No screens, but the stage can be seen. The lights may make it difficult for photos of the stage.

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  • anonymous 5 star concert seat view
    Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, section: Lawn
    Really great if you can get seats in front