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  • Imperial Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: E, seat: 113
    Bob Fosse's Dancin'
    Won these off broadway lottery. Excellent seat. Very comfortable. Could see everything! One from the aisle.
  • St. James Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: K, seat: 24
    New York, New York
  • Moulin Rouge
    Won these off lotto. Partial view seat. The elephant’s trunk was in the way for majority of the show, so you miss what happens on the right side of the stage. I would sit further to the left if possible.
  • Imperial Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: L, seat: 6
    Bad Cinderella
    Won these seats off lotto. Third in from aisle. Great view, great sound, but tight on the hips!
  • Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, section: Orchestra Right, row: B, seat: 6
    Life of Pi
    Won off lotto. First row. Great leg room. Stage was above eye level, so missed a few things/had to sit up to see, but it didn’t take away from the show much. I would’ve preferred to sit further back but we got to see the animals/actors enter which was cool
  • Barrymore Theatre, section: Rear Mezz, row: E, seat: 24
    Peter Pan Goes Wrong
    Great seat for the price but tight on the hips! Not a lot of leg room and needed to walk up a few flights of stairs to get to the seat.

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  • Barrymore Theatre, section: Read Mezz
  • Studio 54, section: Orchestra C, row: E, seat: 109
    Pictures From Home
    Got these through TDF. Dead center. Excellent view. Great leg room! Tight on the hips and a wee bit cold so be sure to bring a sweater.
  • AMT Theater, section: Main, row: D, seat: 7
    Walking With Bubbles
    Excellent view for this show, although I feel that any seat here is good. Great sound too! Got these tickets through Show Score
  • Minetta Lane Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: J, seat: 102
    Drinking In America
    Great view and great sound. Got these through Show Score tickets
  • New World Stages - Stage 5, section: Orchestra, row: E, seat: 9
    Without You
    Dead center. Perfect view and acoustics! Seat was a wee bit tight but perfect view for this show. Won through Broadway Lotto
  • Longacre Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: D, seat: 16
    Won these off lotto. Overall good seat. View to the far left, the stage has slight obstructed view; missed a couple things, but it didn’t ruin the show. If you sat more to the left (seats 18-aisle) you would miss more of the show. Lots of stairs to climb.

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  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), section: Balcony L, row: F, seat: 3
    A Strange Loop
    An okay seat for this show. Had to walk up a ton of stairs, then down some steep steps to get to our seats. View was okay but would have preferred to sit down in Mezzanine or Orchestra for a closer view. If you have poor eyesight, sit down lower.
  • Westside Theatre Upstairs, section: Orchestra c, row: C, seat: 8
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Won on lotto. Off to the side but still a very good seat for the price we paid. Can see everything!
  • St. James Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: B, seat: 10
    Into The Woods
    Won on lotto, excellent view of the show!
  • Shubert Theatre, section: Balcony R, row: F, seat: 6
    Some Like It Hot
    Won these off lotto. Good seat and view of the stage for the whole performance. Need to walk up a few flights of stairs to get to the seat, but a fair seat for the price we paid!
  • Belasco Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: AA, seat: 106
    Ain't No Mo'
    Front row! Won these off lotto! A little too close for this show, but can’t complain because you can literally see everything
  • Broadhurst Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: K, seat: 13
    A Beautiful Noise
    Won these off lotto! Great seat for the price!
  • Barrymore Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: H, seat: 17
    The Piano Lesson
    Won these off lottery. Seat was okay. Can see most of the show except things that happen on the far left, but you don’t miss out on what’s happening in the show, just people entering the “door of the house.” 1 seat off the aisle.
  • James Earl Jones Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: AA, seat: 110
    Ohio State Murders
    Won off Broadway lotto. First row. Could see everything! One seat off the aisle.
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