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  • Winter Garden Theatre, section: orchestra l, row: K, seat: 17
    BeetleJuice , the Musical
    Fantastic play, great view, comfortable padded seats
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, section: box C, row: A, seat: 1,2,3
    Amazingly close. Felt like you could reach out and touch the actors. Minus one star for the partial obstruction of the right side of the stage, resulting in some missed sections of scenes. Seat 1 was the most obstructed. The chairs were moveable, so we were able to crowd to the far corner for best view. Loved having a box, but if I went there to see Hamilton again, I'd get a box across from where we sat so I could see the right side of the stage better. More things happened on the right than the left side of the stage. Overall really great seats, but with a partial obstruction of stage right.
  • Lyric Theatre, section: Dress Circle R Box C, row: A, seat: 2,3,4
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    Fantastic view, box was private, chairs cushioned, comfortable and moveable. Food service available. Beautiful theater completely redone for a Hogwarts feel. Amazing.