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  • Citizens Bank Opera House, section: Orch, row: D, seat: 106
    Really good seats
  • Citizens Bank Opera House, section: ORCCTR, row: G, seat: 103
    On Your Feet!
    Really good seats.
  • Palace Theatre (Broadway), section: Left Mezz, row: C, seat: 11
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Good seat. Closer to the stage then it seems and only a little of the front of the stage is not visible.
  • Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, section: Rear O, row: V, seat: 20
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    A little far back and to the side the mezz doesn't block too much but for 40 bucks it's a good deal
  • Citizens Bank Opera House, section: Mezz Left Cent, row: B, seat: 113
  • Fenway Park, section: Loge Box 153, row: GG, seat: 5
    Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros
    Good seats and close!

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  • CIBC Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: B, seat: 2
    Hamilton , Hamilton
    Even though ticket reads row b it is the first row of the theater. You are on a isle and very close to the stage. The stage is very high and it will be obstructed. All of this is made up for by being so close to the actors. Great show, good seat
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Mezzanine RC, row: C, seat: 320
    Seats were really good. We were close to the stage but I had to lean forward to see the front of the stage during som parts of the show
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, section: Box B, row: 1, seat: 3
    Hamilton: An American Musical
    Greats seats and musical but some obstruction
  • Music Box Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: H, seat: 24
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Great seats and musical
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, section: Mezz Left, row: A, seat: 23
  • Winter Garden Theatre, section: O Left, row: C, seat: 1
    School of Rock
    Good seats but some obstruction

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  • Fenway Park, section: Grandstand 27, row: 3, seat: 25
    Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Good for the price but there is a support beam on the left blocking some of the field and the screen