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  • Cadillac Palace Theater, section: Balcony R, row: S, seat: 4
    Come From Away
    For the price, fantastic seats. They're far away, but can clearly see the stage and aren't limited view. If you have a tall person in front of you you may have to lean a bit from time to time, but overall these seats were great and the show was amazing!
  • PNC Park, section: 109, row: H, seat: 11
    Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs
    Great view! High up enough to have a good view without people in front of you blocking the field, but close enough to clearly see all the action on the field. Fly balls mostly go to section 108, but some do come to 109, so be aware.
  • PNC Park, section: 110, row: C, seat: 11
    Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs
    Overall very good seats! Behind the home team dugout and very clear view of the field. However, since the seats are low, if you have a very tall person in front of you, you'll miss a lot and have an obstructed view. I'd recommend sitting higher up.
  • Wrigley Field, section: 118, row: 3, seat: 2
    Chicago Cubs vs New York Mets
    Great, clear view! HOWEVER, there is an aisle in front of the section that gets pretty busy and clogged, so your view can be obstructed quite a bit worth people walking. Other than that it is dead center behind home plate and a great overall view!
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: L, seat: 5
    Great View! Close enough to see faces clearly and hear everything well. However, the seats are below the stage (like most orchestra seats), so sometimes action will be blocked by other actors on stage, but otherwise a great view!
  • James M. Nederlander Theatre, section: Dress Circle R, row: EE, seat: 2
    Rock of Ages
    They aren't listed as it but they're limited view seats. Cant see all the action happening upstage on stage right. Is also a tad loud as you're right by the speakers. Would recommend sitting in the balcony before these seats.

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  • Gershwin Theatre, section: Front Mezzanine L, row: D, seat: 19
    Last row in the section, but beautiful view. Could see everything clear as day. No complaints!
  • Lena Horne Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine RC, row: E, seat: 106
    Waitress , the Musical
    Great seats! This is the first row in the section. It is labeled "Center Mezzanine", but it is the first row of the Rear Mezzanine. Could see all of the action on stage clearly, but when people came in late, they would walk right in front of you.
  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Mezzanine C, row: F, seat: 111
    Mean Girls , on Broadway
    Fantastic seats! Even with people sitting in front of us, we had a great view of the stage. Nothing was obstructed. Slightly limited leg room, but view made it worth it!
  • James M. Nederlander Theatre, section: Loge C, row: D, seat: 306
    The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
    Perfect seats! No one behind you and an actors mic went out and could still hear. Dead center of the theater and the bar wasn't blocking the view like it was for rows A and B. 10/10 would recommend these seats.