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  • Goodison Park, section: LV2, row: D, seat: 10
    Everton vs Newcastle United
    Good atmosphere, Evertonians are a great bunch. Good banter between fans. However the move to a modern stadium cannot come quick enough.
  • Villa Park, section: Q2, row: O, seat: 40
    Aston Villa vs Newcastle United
    Cracking View, and a great atmosphere. Villa despite saying they allow flags dont expect the stewards to allow you entry, they are arrogant.
  • City Ground, section: W2, row: E, seat: 78
    Nottingham Forest vs Newcastle United
    Superb Ground, Superb Atmosphere, Superb Area, this is what football is all about. Forest fans create one hell of an atmosphere and the Prem needs this club in it. Even if the result had gone against us you just cant knock what Nottingham offers! Best away ground in football for me.
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 138, row: 38, seat: 136
    Newcastle United vs Manchester United
    Caribou Cup Final 23 - Great View. Barrier in front for flag/banner.
  • Molineux Stadium, section: JL9, row: C, seat: 258
    Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Newcastle United
    Good View, Good atmosphere, south bank make noise - always like visiting this ground. Good set of fans.
  • Carrow Road, section: H, row: V, seat: 0060
    Norwich City vs Newcastle United
    5 minutes from station, next to a Morrisons, friendly locals, canny place is Norwich. A pleasant away trip I have to say. Ground is easy to access and seats offer good view of game.

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  • London Stadium, section: 117, row: 12, seat: 103
    West Ham United vs Newcastle United
    Locals think they are all on Green Street, got a few gifts passed over. Atmosphere is bland at best. Seat is a bit windy. It will never be The Boleyn Ground
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, section: 114, row: 30, seat: 403
    Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United
    Locals like a bit of banter, great view and a fantastic stadium
  • Stamford Bridge
    Chelsea FC vs Newcastle united
    Strange place
  • St James' Park, section: GS-V, row: K, seat: 58
    Newcastle United vs Aston Villa
    Right under the silent away fans. Great view and deafening atmosphere.
  • Elland Road, section: C16, row: OO, seat: 33
    Leeds United vs Newcastle United
    Great atmosphere but this stadium is past it. Very poor entry/points - 5 turnstiles for over 2500 fans. Stewards are poor. Fans deserve better in this day and age. View is good from seat i have to admit.
  • King Power Stadium, section: M1, row: P, seat: 437
    Leicester City FC vs Newcastle United
    Easy to get in and out seat. Next to entry/exit point.

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  • Molineux Stadium, section: JL3, row: K, seat: 66
    Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Newcastle United
    Good view, cracking build up to game with some superb tunes played. Home fans can be loud when they're sparked into life.
  • Old Trafford, section: E233, row: 28, seat: 162
    Manchester United vs Newcastle United
    Good view, home fans a bit noisy at times. Chaotic security outside though.
  • Villa Park, section: P, row: DD, seat: 20
    Aston Villa vs Newcastle United
    Good view and lively atmosphere.
  • Bramall Lane, section: BL2
    Sheffield United vs Newcastle United
    Good view and great atmosphere - everything a football event should have!
  • London Stadium, section: 119, row: 13
    West Ham United vs Newcastle United
    It will never be the true home of WHU, its not a football stadium.
  • Stamford Bridge, section: Shed End Lower 3, row: 4
    Chelsea FC vs Newcastle United
    Ground lacks atmosphere.
  • Cardiff City Stadium, section: 122
    Cardiff City FC vs Newcastle United
    Nice ground and nice people
  • Anfield, section: 124
    Liverpool FC vs Newcastle United
    Good view, good crack with scousers
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