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  • Marquis Theatre, section: ORCH R, row: P, seat: 2
    Such an incredible seat! Just the perfect distance from the stage, not too far but not too close!
  • Lyric Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: Y, seat: 38
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    Great leg room! Seats have a beautiful view of the stage! There are a few small things you miss, but it doesn't ruin anything!
  • Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: B, seat: 1
    Come From Away
    LOTTERY SEAT! This was a lovely seat! For someone that is 6'2, I was very comfortable!
  • Stephen Sondheim Theatre, section: MEZZANINE L, row: AA, seat: 3
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    Great seat! The bar touches the bottom of Stage Left, but other than that BEAUTIFUL seat! Didn't miss a beat and was completely unobstructed since the bar is so low!
  • Stephen Sondheim Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: JJ, seat: 14
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    Very spacious legroom! As a tall person this is a blessing! The aisle seat is it's own chair so you also score some extra room on your right!
  • Ambassador Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine RC, row: D, seat: 104
    Seats are tight, but since the seats in front are so low your knees are free!

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  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, section: Rear Mezzanine RC, row: F, seat: 21
    King Kong
    BEAUTIFUL View of the stage! Leg room was tiny bit tight, but was manageable!
  • Longacre Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: G, seat: 20
    A Bronx Tale
    I honestly forgot the seat, this was 3 years ago. But I remember it was a beautiful view of the stage!
  • Studio 54, section: REAR MEZZANINE LC, row: HH, seat: 101
    Caroline, Or Change
    BEAUTIFUL view of the stage. WORST Leg room on Broadway! I was so uncomfortable, for reference, I am 6'2.
  • Booth Theatre, section: Mezzanine C, row: A, seat: 112
    Freestyle Love Supreme
    For someone who is 6'2, this seat was GREAT and had the perfect amount of leg room! NOTE: I took this pic right on top of my face, so this really is your view!
  • Majestic Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine LC, row: A, seat: 101
    The Phantom Of The Opera
    Such a GREAT view of the stage, but I was not a fan of the seats. I'm 6'2 and felt like a sardine! As soon as you sit, it's a pain to get back up.
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: Mezz Box, row: D, seat: 3
    Songs For A New World
    Best seats in the house! For a big guy like me (6'2) the seats are a little tight, but the bit of extra leg room helps!

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  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: Mezzanine L, row: JJ, seat: 19
    Unmasked: The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber
    The very last row of the theater, has a little bit of extra leg room compared to the other rows!
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: Mezzanine L, row: JJ, seat: 5
    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
    Seats are tight, but a good view! (LAST ROW)
  • Longacre Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: E, seat: 104
    The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
    Really great seat! I'm 6'2 and was comfortable!
  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: E, seat: 20
    Mean Girls
    For a person who was 6'2 the seat wasn't all that bad.....but I did have to cross my legs at some points in order to avoid leg cramps
  • St. James Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: K, seat: 28
    Lottery seats that are listed as Partial view, they really mean it! You miss 1/4 of the show. But most of the important scenes are downstage.
  • Music Box Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: L, seat: 16
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Seats were a little tight (I'm 6'2) but didn't take away from the amazing show that unfolded in front of me!!
  • Circle in the Square Theatre, section: Orchestra 100 (Odd), row: K, seat: 111
    Once On This Island
    Beautiful show, seats were incredible! Last row of the theater but is most likely the best seat in the house! No matter how tall the person is in front of you, the head does not obstruct the view of the stage!
  • Paper Mill Playhouse, section: R mezz, row: HH, seat: 24
    The Color Purple
    Great sight lines! Can't see the actors faces, and leg room is a little tight for anyone above 6'2
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