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  • Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: A, seat: 110
    The Ferryman
    Very close to see the action! Would probably sit 1-2 rows back so that the scenes where they're sitting at the table aren't as obstructed. Only an issue for like 10 minutes.
  • Shubert Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: D, seat: 106
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    This is actually the third row. Perfect seat. Nothing blocks the view and close enough to see everything. I can see some people preferring two rows back.
  • John Golden Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: E, seat: 117
    The Waverly Gallery
    Miss only a few minutes of stuff at dinner. Would maybe sit a few more seats center orchestra, but it's such a close seat, it's wonderful to see facial expressions.
  • Belasco Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: A, seat: 105
    Would probably sit two rows back because stuff happens in the little podium to the right. The stage is a little high, but you don't miss much except some people's feet. On the other hand, there's a scene where you're like 5 feet from Cranston too!
  • Vivian Beaumont Theater, section: Orchestra, row: K, seat: 205
    My Fair Lady
    Very good seat. Great view of the house. Maybe 2-3 rows ahead better, but my vision isn't the best.
  • The Newman Theater at the Joseph Papp Public Theatre, row: F, seat: 12
    Girl From the North Country
    Would like to have been 2-3 seats more center, but it's such a small theater, it was great, even when the gentleman in from of me to the right sat straight up.
  • Shubert Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: C, seat: 114
    Hello, Dolly!
    Great seat for a perfect show, but 2 rows back and more center may be better for the dancing while still being close enough to see facial expressions.
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: H, seat: 113
    Great view of the entire stage. I prefer to be closer, so next time I'd sit 3-4 rows closer.
  • Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: C, seat: 107
    Color Purple
    Perfect seat, especially for Color Purple. You won't miss anything here.
  • American Airlines Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: B, seat: 110
    Long Day's Journey into Night
    Great to see the actors' facial expression. Possibly 1-2 rows too close because the table and chairs blocked stuff happening in the back room. Would gladly sit here again!