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  • Honda Center, section: 406, row: A, seat: 8
    Anaheim Ducks
  • Honda Center, section: 406, row: A, seat: 8
    Anaheim Ducks
  • Honda Center, section: 436, row: A, seat: 4
    Anaheim Ducks vs Detroit Red Wings
  • Honda Center, section: 417, row: S, seat: 15
    Anaheim Ducks vs Phoenix Coyotes
    Not worth the price we paid ($26 each for 5 seats on sold out "fan appreciation night". Face value was $13.) I don't recommend paying more than $15 to $17 per seat.
  • Angel Stadium, section: 422, row: E, seat: 16
    Los Angeles Angels vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Another set of great seats. A perfect view of the whole field and great for telling when the umpire blows a fair ball call. I wouldn't recommend sitting any closer (rows A through D) if you have a seat number in the teens or the rail will obstruct your view. But these seats are great.
  • Angel Stadium, section: 415, row: F, seat: 1
    Los Angeles Angels vs Baltimore Orioles
    These seats were pretty good. You have a clear view if the entire field with no obstructions. Check my other uploads for a view from similar seats on the 1st base side a few days earlier. Those seats were in row B, and the railing was covering the strike zone. But back to these seats. You're a bit out of ideal foul ball territory, but the guy sitting directly in front of me caught a shirt from the t-shirt gun during the 7th inning stretch. I got a great deal on the seats ($21/each), but even at face value I would recommend buying them.

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  • Angel Stadium, section: 420, row: B, seat: 3
    Los Angeles Angels vs Oakland Athletics
    Depending on your height the rail can be seriously obstructing. I'm 6'2", and in this seat (420, B, 3) the rail perfectly covered the strike zone when I sat back against the seat.
  • Crypto.com Arena, section: 318, row: 10, seat: 13
    Los Angeles Kings vs Anaheim Ducks
    Perfect upper level seats.