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  • Arizona Federal Theatre, section: 205, row: 5, seat: 16
    5 Seconds Of Summer tour: Take My Hand World Tour
    honestly not bad for being last row i can see well tbh
  • Gila River Arena, section: Floor F, row: 4, seat: 7
    JoJo Siwa tour: D.R.E.A.M. The Tour
    honestly great seats saw jojo really well towards the middle of the floor and for being floor not bad but you have to be tall to see over the people so wouldn't recommend for short people
  • Footprint Center, section: 211, row: 10, seat: 7
    tyler, the creator tour: call me if you get lost
    the seats i could see well just depends on the show bc a lot of the stage was blocked off by the stages litigating they had set up for the stage
  • Gila River Arena, section: 208, row: C, seat: 3
    Harry Styles tour: Love On Tour
    i had a perfect view of the stage and saw harry real close from being nosebleeds- i don't wanna talk abt how much i spent tho :/
  • Gila River Arena, section: 220, row: D, seat: 14
    Enrique Iglesias tour: Enrique Iglesias
    honestly really good view of the stage and it's not obstructed and i feel really close and i can see really well. highly recommend.
  • Ak-Chin Pavilion, section: 302, row: c, seat: 32
    Jonas Brothers tour: the remember this tour
    you feel really close to the stage even tho you seem pretty far back- overall great view

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  • Footprint Center, section: 102, row: 2, seat: 21
    Selena Gomez tour: Revival Tour
    We were an aisle seat and we could see the stage really close up- we had a better view than the floor seats because we were slightly elevated- also we were standing next to joe jonas at one point so that was cool-
  • Gila River Arena, section: 103, row: F, seat: 2
    Shawn Mendes tour: illuminate world tour
    we were right next to the stage- we could def identify that it was him vs when your far away it's like a small person on stage- these seats are now ether expensive or sold out imedietly so if you can get ahold of them would def recommend
  • Gila River Arena, section: 216, row: A, seat: 11
    Panic! At The Disco tour: Pray For The Wicked Tour
    Overall it was a good view but once someone gets on stage their like so small it's funny ._.
  • Footprint Center, section: 205, row: 14, seat: 4
    Ariana Grande tour: Sweetener World Tour
    Hella obstructed and we got confused who was ariana and who was her dancers
  • Footprint Center, section: 217, row: 7, seat: 13
    Twenty One Pilots tour: The Bandito Tour
    You can see them somewhat well... I did almost fell off like 500 times but it's fine
  • Footprint Center, section: Floor F, row: 11, seat: 10
    Ariana Grande tour: Sweetener World Tour
    I WAS SO CLOSE... the reason why I give it a high rating is because he catwalk goes really far out :)

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  • Footprint Center, section: 123, row: 24, seat: 16
    Jonas Brothers tour: Happiness Begins Tour
    Pretty good seats minus the pole in the way
  • Gila River Arena, section: 114, row: L, seat: 11
    Shawn Mendes tour: Shawn Mendes: The Tour
  • Arizona Federal Theatre, section: 1, row: 14, seat: 8
    Jon Bellion tour: The Glory Sound Prep Tour
    Kind of obstructed but you can see the artist rlly well... I mean that's why u came thoe
  • State Farm Stadium, section: 448, row: 6, seat: 6
    Taylor Swift tour: Reputation Stadium Tour
  • Gila River Arena, section: 216, row: A, seat: 15
    Panic! At The Disco tour: Pray For The Wicked Tour
  • Footprint Center, section: 205, row: 14, seat: 5
    Ariana Grande tour: Sweetener World Tour