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  • Marquis Theatre, section: Orch Left, row: E, seat: 9
    Great view!
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, section: Orch Right, row: J, seat: 308
    Against the wall but there is a gap which provides extra arm room. The view is great and only the extreme right of the stage is hard to see.
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: W, seat: 8
    Miss Saigon
    Overall good seat but if you really want to see the actors' facial expressions you'll wanting to be about 5-7 rows closer. The mezzanine above begins at this row and it does not affect your view at all since it just slightly behind your head. The seat is so far right that you may not be able to see a tiny bit on the far right of the stage depending on the show.
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, section: Center Box Tier 1, row: A, seat: 2
    This box has a great view of the stage. The chairs in row A are of normal height and and are not bolted to the floor and can be moved. The chairs in row B and C in this box can also be moved but they are progressively taller in order to see over the chairs in front. This can be a problem for shorter people as your legs will dangle.
  • Lyric Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: T, seat: 14
    Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
    Good seats overall but I personally would have preferred being a few rows closer to the action.
  • New Amsterdam Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: B, seat: 1
    Almost too close. I could literally see them spitting out their lines. You lose a tiny bit of their feet and you will need to look up throughout the whole show. Still magical!

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  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: O, seat: 22
    Hamilton: An American Musical
    The stadium type seating makes every seat a good one in this theatre. Of course, if you can get tickets to this show, regardless of where they are, do not throw away your shot!
  • Music Box Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: E, seat: 13
    Dear Evan Hansen
    I was a little nervous being so far left but All the action happened center stage so there was nothing I missed. Loved being close to the action.
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, section: Orchestra R, row: F, seat: 9
    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
    Great seats! Loved being able to see facial expressions.
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, section: Mezzanine C, row: N, seat: 109
    Kinky Boots
    Good aerial view but very far from the stage if you like to see more facial expressions. Sight line was also obstructed by person in front of me.
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: V, seat: 101
    Les Miserables
    Good seats but since it is center to the stage visibility can be hindered if someone tall sits in front of you. I got lucky and didn't have anyone in front of me.
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre, section: Orchestra RC, row: L, seat: 201
    Great Seat! Being on the aisle really helped with the visibility as well.

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  • New World Stages - Stage 5, section: Orchestra, row: C, seat: 10
    This is a small theater so there really isn't a bad seat in the house. But if you like to see facial expressions without being on top of the stage, then this seat is for you!
  • Orleans Arena, section: Floor 3, row: L, seat: 1
    Mannheim Steamroller tour: Christmas By Chip Davis
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, section: OC, row: B, seat: 214
    The King and I
    Row B is the 2nd row when they utilize the orchestra pit (as they did in this show), or the 4th row when they don't. Great seat either way if you like to be close! If you are short, you may be bothered by having to look up at the stage slightly. I'm short and this didn't bother me at all, but the ladies in row A were complaining about it during intermission.
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, section: Dress Circle, row: A, seat: 210
    Kinky Boots
    Dress Circle is about 80 feet from the stage and as high up as I would sit in this theater. We were in the first row of the dress circle which was great as we had a nice aerial view with no one in front of us.
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, section: OL, row: H, seat: 105-106
  • Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, section: Orchestra Center, row: BB, seat: 208
    The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
    Super close and could see every facial expression!