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  • Lincoln Financial Field, section: F2, row: 15, seat: 24
    One Direction tour: On The Road Again Tour
    AMAZING SEATS!! if so many people didn't bring signs, they would be PERFECT. i'm only 5'1 so seeing the boys over the signs was hard. they were a little far from the catwalk too, but they were awesome!!
  • MetLife Stadium, section: 2, row: 8, seat: 7
    One Direction tour: On The Road Again Tour
    so. close. they spend a lot of time at the end of the catwalk, so i couldn't see them at all when they were there. when they're on the main stage, they're incredibly close. it's crazy/
  • Hershey Park Stadium, section: C, row: 4, seat: 20
    Ariana Grande tour: The Honeymoon Tour
    It was a little far to the side. The show had to be postponed multiple times due to bad weather :// Ariana is amazing tho
  • MetLife Stadium, section: 124, row: 34, seat: 2
    One Direction tour: Where We Are Tour
    this was with no zoom.....your pictures may not be this greatest (with an iphone) but with eyes, you can see everything!!!
  • MetLife Stadium, section: 5, row: 12, seat: 20
    One Direction tour: Where We Are Tour
    literally the best seats ever; it was an amazing night. i'm only 5'1 and i could see everything perfectly!!