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  • Uihlein Hall, section: ORCH R, row: K, seat: 56
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Would prefer to be more centered but this was a very good seat.
  • Uihlein Hall, section: ORCH R, row: B, seat: 55
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Very narrow seat, hard to see right side of stage but close enough to see details.
  • Uihlein Hall, section: RORCH, row: T, seat: 39
    Excellent seats! We could see and hear everything very clearly!
  • Ambassador Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: H, seat: 111
  • Overture Hall, section: Circle Left, row: F, seat: 213
    The Prom
    Spacious seats, very comfortable. Great view, good incline on seats!
  • Uihlein Hall, section: Orchestra LC, row: K, seat: 4
    Pretty Woman
    Pretty good seats.

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  • Chicago Theatre, section: Loge3R, row: AA, seat: 206
    Louis Tomlinson tour: World Tour 2022
    If you were sitting, the rail would block your view across the stage. Standing, these seats were great!
  • Uihlein Hall, section: Orchestra LC, row: R, seat: 16
    The Lion King
  • Coronado Performing Arts Center, section: Orch1, row: L, seat: 3
    The Color Purple , Beautiful Theatre, Not-So-Great Seating
    I'd prefer a theatre that has staggered seating so I'm not trying to watch a show directly behind someone. If you can get tickets closer to the center, I'd suggest it.
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: C, seat: 11
    2nd row. Better than ORCH-R. Hard to see what's happening on the far left and back.
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: C, seat: 14
    Not a good seat - hard to see and seats were uncomfortable.