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  • Royal Albert Hall, section: Rausing Circle, row: 6, seat: 231
    Jurassic Park in Concert
    Close view of orchestra but half obscured - small strings and half of percussion visible. Screen and subtitles visible, good acoustics. Would buy again but preferred central seat at back of circle.
  • Royal Albert Hall, section: Rausing Circle, row: 4, seat: 136
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Concert
    Very good view for the price, would recommend paying more for this compared to side view as nothing was obscured. A little far for some details but still enjoyable. Great acoustics!
  • Queen's Theatre, section: Upper Circle, row: F, seat: 5
    Les Miserables
    In general good view for price. No significant parts of show obscured. BUT lady in front sat forward and slightly left which obscured huge part (swapped for second half of show and person sat back, view was fine). So this is a risk in this section.
  • Prince of Wales Theatre, section: Circle, row: K, seat: 11
    The Book of Mormon
    Great seats for the price, would recommend. Great view of the whole show. Seat is on an aisle.
  • Resorts World Arena, section: Block 11, row: YF, seat: 337
    Flight of the Conchords tour: Flight of the Conchords Sing Flight of the Conchords (2018 UK Tour)
    Decent seats, angle was good so you didn't have to turn your head while looking, but very far from stage so you have to rely on the screens to see faces etc.
  • Victoria Palace Theatre, section: Grand Circle, row: G, seat: 3
    Good seat for the price. Can't see faces of actors on the bridge, but this has a very small impact and can still see who is where, doing what. Not much legroom, steep slope. Seat 1 is next to an aisle.