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  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: MEZZANINE RC, row: E, seat: 120
    This is 5th row of the Mezz. Excellent view of the stage and rotating floor and choreography. It's closer than it looks. Perfect theatre for Hamilton.
  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: Orchestra RC, row: E, seat: 114
    This is 5th row in the center orchestra secton. Excellent seat to see all the action and expressions. This theatre is such a great venue for Hamilton.
  • Keller Auditorium, section: ORCHESTRA D, row: Q, seat: 12
    Nice view. This is a darn good seat.
  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: Loge RC, row: A, seat: 120
    School of Rock
    This is a prime view. There is a rail and some wires in front of the ledge, but they don't distract. If you're shorter, get a seat booster cushion in the Mezzanine bar (there is a stack of them). Leg room is a slightly less than the regular rows.
  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: Loge RC, row: A, seat: 116
    The Humans
    Front row of the Loge doesn't get much better. This is a prime seat. The view is great. If you're a little short, grab a seat booster cushion from the Mezzanine bar so the rail doesn't distract your view. Excellent seat!
  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: ORCHESTRA LC, row: B, seat: 117
    The Color Purple
    This seat is close all right, but it's far enough away that you can still see everything. The Orchestra pit is between the stage and you, so that makes the distance perfect. It's nice to see the facial expressions on the actors. I recommend this seat.