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  • Longacre Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: J, seat: 14
    Diana A New Musical
    Not a bad view, but a little far away.
  • Broadhurst Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: N, seat: 8
    Jagged Little Pill
    Good seat! Wish it were in front of the mezzanine overhang but honestly can't complain.
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: S, seat: 8
    The view is fine as long as you can see past the person in front of you. Unfortunately, the seat in front is almost perfectly lined up with the center of the stage so it's tough to see around them. It's also hard to be fully engrossed in the show so far away.
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: S, seat: 8
    Last row of Orchestra. It's fine because you're the last row in front of standing room only. I got a cushion/booster seat, but you can also sit on a thick winter jacket if they run out.
  • Broadhurst Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: C, seat: 106
    Jagged Little Pill
    GREAT seat from TKTS. Close enough to see all the facial expressions, far enough that I'm not worried about getting spit on. ? After watching the show, I'll admit this is a bit too close--my neck ached and the sound was less than optimal.
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, section: Front Mezzanine C, row: C, seat: 109
    Amazing seat!

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  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: M, seat: 7
    Mean Girls
    Decent seats -- right under the mezzanine overhang. More or less comfortable if a little on the narrow/tight side.
  • Lyric Theatre, section: Dress Circle L, row: A, seat: 21
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    Friday Forty tickets (Dress Circle, A 19 and 21) - great seats for only $20/part. Missed about 5% of the action on the far left side of the stage, but nothing truly important.
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, section: Rear Mezzanine LC, row: O, seat: 108
    West Side Story
    Terrible seat -- fourth row from the top of the theater, very narrow seat. I'm only 5'7", and my knees were up against the seat in front of me, and I had to lean to my side to see past the very average-sized woman in front of me.
  • Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: C, seat: 116
    Saint Joan
    Nice seat to see performers' facial reactions, but just a bit too far to the side. GREAT leg room!
  • Lyric Theatre, section: Orchestra L
    Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
  • Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: L, seat: 112
    Prince of Broadway
    Great view! But it's in the middle of the row, so I didn't bother getting up during the intermission.

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  • Shubert Theatre, section: Balcony R, row: B, seat: 18
    Hello, Dolly!
    Just about as good as it gets in the side balcony...
  • Shubert Theatre, section: Balcony R, row: J, seat: 20
    Hello, Dolly!
    $51 ticket from TodayTix. Not a great seat, but luckily the show wasn't sold out and most people in my row moved during intermission