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  • Booth Theatre, section: Mezzanine R, row: G, seat: 18
    Kimberly Akimbo
    Great view from this seat with all parts of the stage in view. Leg room was fine, no issues with sound. The stage seemed very close even at the back of the upper level of seats. This is such a lovely building!
  • Tampa Theatre, section: Mezz, row: AA, seat: 1
    Phantasmagoria , Poe, Through the Tales Darkly
    Love the mezz seats - these come with a shared table space between seats as well. Perfect view of this gorgeous stage!
  • Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, row: E, seat: 25
    Come From Away
    Good view of 90% of the stage - you miss just a tiny bit of stage right upstage.
  • Sondheim Theatre (West End), section: Stalls, row: G, seat: 11
    Les Miserables
    Excellent seat with a perfect view of the stage!
  • Theatre Royal Drury Lane, section: Stalls Center, row: D, seat: 20
    Jeremy Jordan
    A most excellent view of the stage in this historic theatre! Get this seat and you're in for a great time!
  • Theatre Royal Drury Lane, section: Stalls Right, row: T, seat: 12
    Jeremy Jordan
    This seat is pretty far back from the stage but still decent seats - sound was fantastic for this excellent concert! The Royal Circle overhang might affect one's view for shows that utilize the full height of the stage.

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  • The London Palladium, section: Stalls Left, row: G, seat: 35
    The Secret Garden - In Concert
    Able to see the full stage from this seat. Wow, is this theater gorgeous! The sound is so lush, what a fabulous venue for these one-off concerts!
  • Ambassadors Theatre, section: Stalls, row: M, seat: 13
    Mad House
    This older theater has great views throughout. Leg room was a little tight and the old AC system was trying it's best but it's pretty humid in there in the summertime.
  • Charing Cross Theatre, section: Stalls, row: K, seat: 5
    This was a front row seat in this lovely off-West End theater. Such a great space to see a wonderful show!
  • Apollo Theatre, section: Dress Circle, row: A, seat: 19
    Perfect seat in one of the most beautiful West End theaters (be sure to look up once you're seated)!
  • Phoenix Theatre, section: Stalls, row: B, seat: 16
    Come From Away
    Stage is a little high but I didn't feel like I missed anything with this show. You may miss things on a show with low scenes upstage.
  • Shaftesbury Theatre, section: Royal Circle, row: A, seat: 18
    & Juliet
    the bar at the bottom of the center aisle is on your left but doesn't distract once the show starts

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  • Theatre Tallahassee, section: Orchestra, row: I, seat: 102
    The Mystery of Edwin Drood
    love this row of seats as they're the first row behind a walkway - great view and this theater isn't large so there are no bad views - comfortable seats too!
  • Saenger Theatre (New Orleans), section: Club L, row: A, seat: 9
    Like the extra leg room of this row just above the walking aisle separating the fancy folks in Grand Club! Terrific view and sound and seats are wider and more padded than the regular balcony chairs.
  • Le Petit Theatre, section: Orch L, row: H, seat: 7
    Choir Boy
    Loved these seats! So much leg room, super view!
  • Pensacola Little Theater, section: Orchestra, row: F, seat: 114
    A Chorus Line
    Great aisle seat with plenty of legroom!
  • Asolo Repertory Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: E, seat: 11
    excellent view of all areas of the stage - this theater is so lovely! great sound, super comfortable
  • Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: E, seat: 110
    Trading Places The Musical
    Perfect center view of the stage - just above stage floor level so no part is cut from your view. Great sound, comfortable seat!
  • Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theatre, section: Orchestra, row: J, seat: 112
    Trading Places The Musical
    Great view. This row is behind the aisle that bisects the orchestra front and back. So much leg room and seats are super comfy! Sound was terrific!
  • The Newman Theater at The Public Theater, section: Main, row: M, seat: 18
    great seat - no obstructions. comfortable, lots of leg room
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