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  • Delaware Theatre Company, section: Center, row: J, seat: 6
    Man of La Mancha
    One of the best seats in the house for someone who wants the perfect combination of a full view of the stage, center seating, an aisle seat, and extra legroom. Easy access to the exit.
  • Arcadia Stage at the Arden, section: C, row: 5, seat: 1
    Every Brilliant Thing
    Aisle seat in the "in the round" setup for the Arcadia Stage. Theoretically, this should be one of the "worst" seats, but no seat is bad in this setup. In fact, being in an upper corner seat actually gives you a somewhat fuller perspective of the show that you couldn't get sitting elsewhere.
  • Delaware Theatre Company, section: Center, row: L, seat: 7
    One Man, Two Guvnors
    I'd rate this 3.5 stars. Aisle seat in the second to last row, with no one in front of you. High up, but close to the center (the wall to the right will not cause an obstructed view), fine sound and sightlines, and very easy access to the center exit. Not a good seat for anyone with mobility issues, as getting to the seat before the show requires climbing lots of stairs.
  • Arcadia Stage at the Arden, section: Left, row: 5, seat: 16
    The Arcadia Stage is small enough that there are no terrible seats. This is the seat farthest to the left in Row 5, but I could hear everything and didn't miss any of the action. The same seats in lower rows may be a different story, though.
  • F. Otto Haas Stage at the Arden, section: B, row: 8, seat: 11
    Radio Golf
    Aisle seat with no seat in front of you, so extra legroom and no risk of a tall person blocking your view. Good sightlines of the entire stage and of the closed captioning. Getting to the seat requires walking up and around the top row, so not a good seat for those with mobility issues.
  • Miller Theater, section: Balcony C, row: F, seat: 109
    Into The Woods
    Close enough for good sightlines and sound, but any further back, you may not be able to see the actors' faces.

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  • Wilma Theater, section: Main, row: F, seat: 14
    Among the best seats in the house in terms of both view and sound, if you're the kind of person who likes to have a full scope view of the stage.
  • Wilma Theater, section: Main, row: G, seat: 14
    The Cherry Orchard
    Great view of the entire stage. No sound issues either.
  • Miller Theater, section: Orchestra R, row: C, seat: 18
    Freestyle Love Supreme
    You don't miss much action except for upper stage left (not a big deal for this show). The major downside: You are pretty close to the house right speaker, so the sound balance will be off. It took 15-20 minutes for my ears to adjust to the sound.
  • Arcadia Stage at the Arden, section: Right, row: 9, seat: 4
    School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play
    Although this seat is about 3/4 the way back and pretty far to the right in the row, I didn't feel like I missed anything because the theater is so small. There really is no terrible seat in the house.
  • Mainstage at the New York City Center, section: Mezzanine R, row: G, seat: 6
    Into the Woods
    Good view of the stage. Can see facial expressions fairly well, and sound is generally fine, as well. FYI: This seat is usually reserved for handicapped patrons or their companions.
  • F. Otto Haas Stage at the Arden, section: D, row: 7, seat: 6
    Into the Woods
    Good seat with a view of all the action and an ideal position for sound balance coming from the band. The show is performed "in the round" but you won't miss anything.

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  • Delaware Theatre Company, section: Right, row: K, seat: 102
    Other World
    Very few, if any, bad seats in the house. Sightlines are good, though the sound design in the theater is not the best: Sound balance is fine, but it's often hard to understand lyrics. Not sure whether a center seat closer up would make much of a difference.
  • Arden Theatre - F. Otto Haas Stage, section: F, row: 3, seat: 5
    A Streetcar Named Desire
    Anytime theatre is done in-the-round at the Arden, there will be some seats that are better than others (though no seat will be truly perfect). This is among the better seats with a clear view at about eye level to the actors. I wouldn't recommend sitting in a lower row, and sections A and G are particularly obstructed view. Section D is probably the "best" to get the fullest view of everything.
  • Children's Theatre Company, section: Main Floor Right, row: C, seat: 24
    Great seat if you like to be close to the stage. Wouldn't recommend sitting any closer, unless you enjoy looking up at the actors. Sound is good. Sightlines are also good, though actors standing downstage can block upstage views.
  • Studio 54, section: Rear Mezzanine RC, row: LL, seat: 108
    Caroline, Or Change
    Decent sight lines and sound, considering that you are in the rear mezzanine. I could see the entire set. I wouldn't recommend sitting too much further to the right, as sight lines will start to be cut off.
  • Ordway Center for the Performing Arts - Music Theater, section: Orchestra Left, row: M, seat: 106
    I've seen numerous shows at this theater and I'm convinced that Orchestra Rows M and N are the perfect places to sit for an ideal view, given that rows start sloping up at Row K. Even for shorter people, this allows you to see over heads. This seat, six seats in from the aisle still has an amazing view -- at least for this show. It's possible some parts of stage right may be cut off for other shows with different setups.
  • Forrest Theatre, section: Orchestra C, row: K, seat: 111
    The legroom may be tight, but the sound and sight lines are perfect.
  • Arden Theatre - F. Otto Haas Stage, section: G, row: 4, seat: 1
    This seat is in Arden's theatre-in-the-round setup. There will never a "perfect" view for these type of shows, but this is among the better ones, especially because you can clearly see the action taking place on stage AND to the sides (between Sections A and G [which also has the closed captioning] and above Section C). The onstage action is particularly visible because, being a few rows up, your view isn't blocked by actors standing in front of you. This also avoids the possibility of having spotlights in your face, which is always a possibility when an actor is in front of you. Being along the railing blocks your view only a tad, so it's hardly bothersome. Because some in-the-round shows will have benches in front of the first row of certain sections, I would advise asking the Arden box office whether benches will be in front of the section you are sitting in. This is because actors sometimes stand on the benches, which can block views a number of rows up. The sound from this seat was generally okay, but be aware that musicals in-the-round may have the orchestra spread out around the theater, so sound balance may be off, depending on where you are sitting.
  • Marquis Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: J, seat: 6
    Three seats off the aisle, this is a nearly perfect seat. Great sound and sight lines. As per usual for theater seats on Broadway, legroom is tight.
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