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  • Arden Theatre - F. Otto Haas Stage, section: G, row: 4, seat: 1
    This seat is in Arden's theatre-in-the-round setup. There will never a "perfect" view for these type of shows, but this is among the better ones, especially because you can clearly see the action taking place on stage AND to the sides (between Sections A and G [which also has the closed captioning] and above Section C). The onstage action is particularly visible because, being a few rows up, your view isn't blocked by actors standing in front of you. This also avoids the possibility of having spotlights in your face, which is always a possibility when an actor is in front of you. Being along the railing blocks your view only a tad, so it's hardly bothersome. Because some in-the-round shows will have benches in front of the first row of certain sections, I would advise asking the Arden box office whether benches will be in front of the section you are sitting in. This is because actors sometimes stand on the benches, which can block views a number of rows up. The sound from this seat was generally okay, but be aware that musicals in-the-round may have the orchestra spread out around the theater, so sound balance may be off, depending on where you are sitting.
  • Serenbe Playhouse, section: GA, row: GA, seat: GA