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The Choir of Man

  • Arts Theatre, section: Stalls, row: B, seat: 17
    The Choir of Man
    Perfectly unobstructed view, plenty of legroom since there is no chair in front! Do note that actors walk right in front of you as the stairs are right in front. I should mention that I was brought up for this performance, so be aware lol!
  • Arts Theatre, section: BB, row: N, seat: 1
    The Choir of Man
    Amazing view from these seats
  • Arts Theatre, section: Circle, row: E, seat: 1
    The Choir of Man
    Really good seat for the price. Only slight downside was couldn't see front of stage left but when leaning over could see. Leg room was good for tall person.
  • Broadway Playhouse, section: Center, row: B, seat: 15
    The Choir of Man