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  • Cutting Hall, section: C, row: G, seat: 6
    White Christmas
    Seating is not staggered so there will be someone directly in front of you. Because of where pit orchestra is, it is always much louder than the voices on stage.
  • anonymous
    Cadillac Palace Theater, section: Orchestra R, row: Q, seat: 2
    White Christmas
    Awesome seats! We had seats 2&4. Aisle seats. You can see it all. Plenty of leg room. Seats are staggered so didn’t have anyone’s head blocking the view. Would highly recommend these seats.
  • Cadillac Palace Theater, section: Balcony LC, row: E, seat: 306
    White Christmas
  • anonymous 4 star theater seat view
    Fox Theatre (Atlanta), section: Orchestra C, row: S, seat: 110
    White Christmas