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Whose Live Anyway

  • Studebaker Theatre, section: ORCH, row: Q, seat: 107
    Whose Live Anyway
    Great legroom (Im 6’2”) and easy to see the stage. Overhang blocks anything about 15’ above the stage. Next to sound booth w/small lights always on, which could be annoying to some. No seat to the right which makes it roomy.
  • Santander Performing Arts Center, section: Balcony LC, row: F, seat: 127
    Whose Live Anyway
    Good view, no bar in front blocking the view
  • San Jose Civic, section: 101, row: M, seat: 4
    Whose Live Anyway
    Good seats. Comfy with cup holders. Good view, though all seats on same level. There were 2 large video screens for close up. In 3 seats from an aisle. Would sit here again.
  • anonymous 5 star theater seat view
    Hofmann Theatre at the Lesher Center for the Arts, section: Orchestra Left, row: K, seat: 1
  • Hard Rock Live Orlando, section: Left, row: L, seat: 1
    Whose Live Anyway
    Not aisle - against the wall (that's what she said). Elevated slightly over the floor seats.
  • anonymous 4 star theater seat view
    Tobin Center for Performing Arts, section: Center Mezzanine, row: A, seat: 114
    Whose Live Anyway
    No obstruction. Very pleased