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Section Dress Circle

JJC326 Feb 20, 2019

Fantastic seats! Wonderful view and sound. Felt very close to the action and very comfortable. Bought tickets at a deep discount at TKTS.

55 star  seat view
reissmeister Mar 22, 2019

Fabby. Defo sit here again

55 star  seat view
esteveyb Jun 19, 2019

Great view if a little too far left to catch the full left hand side of the stage

55 star  seat view
anonymous May 29, 2019

Great seats, reasonably priced.


Section Stall

dulowt Dec 8, 2018


55 star  seat view

Section Stalls

Sarah R Jan 28, 2018

Although an ok seat if you are tall, unfortunately im 5'4 and 2 tall people sat in front of me which meant i missed most of the show

33 star  seat view
anonymous Apr 12, 2018

Fantastic view. Really felt part of the show. As I’m quite short my eyeline was slightly below the stage so sometimes could not see actor’s feet but wasn’t a problem. Definitely recommend.

55 star  seat view
pamcyu Apr 19, 2018

Great seat!

55 star  seat view
reissmeister Mar 20, 2019

Best seats in the house!! No idea why sold under restricted. Front row centre seats are INSANE!!

55 star  seat view
Cossons Dec 2, 2018

Best seats

55 star  seat view
esteveyb Jun 3, 2019

Great side view, second row from front as there is a row AA

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jun 9, 2019

Sold as cheaper seat with side view, this was a fantastic bargain with lots of legroom for tall people and excellent unobstructed views of stage. Would be really happy to sit here again. Paid £47 and the people next to me paid double that for the same view

55 star  seat view

Section Upper

anonymous Jun 11, 2019

Pros: - adequate space (I'm 6ft & have no issue) - comfy enough seats - amazing value - great view Cons: - no arm rests - slight masking of the stage from the safety barrier and the bottom of the upper circle but nothing that'll cause you to miss anything

44 star  seat view

Section upper circle

missy Mar 31, 2016

Practically center stage

3.53.5 star  seat view
anonymous Jul 26, 2019

great view, very central, seemed much closer than i expected which was great

55 star  seat view

Section Upper Circle

LanaJ321 Dec 27, 2018

Great seats. Loads of leg room as safety rail is quite far forward. Unfortunately there are no arm rests in this part of the theatre so a bit uncomfortable. Would still recommend this row for the price

reissmeister Mar 6, 2019

Amazing. Can see everything!

reissmeister Mar 6, 2019

Awful. Cuts off half the stage. Luckily we moved as the show started due to empty seats!! D 35 wasn't too bad but do not book D36!!!!!!!!!!

11 star  seat view
esteveyb Jun 3, 2019

Good unobscured view in the centre of the lower deck of the upper circle

44 star  seat view