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Section Balcony

Bannon69 Nov 7, 2022

Not that restricted at all. You just need to lean forward a bit

55 star  seat view
Bannon69 Nov 7, 2022

Perfectly good view. You need to lean forward, but there’s a cushioned bit to lean your arms on. It’s classed as restricted view, but I’ve definitely seen worse

55 star  seat view

Section Dress Circle

Peterc Oct 31, 2022

I was very happy with this seat - a clear view of the stage. Legroom was restricted - I didn't find it uncomfortable although my partner did - he has slightly longer legs and his knees were up against the back of the seat in front.

44 star  seat view
sheppardnik Sep 30, 2022

Perfect seat in one of the most beautiful West End theaters (be sure to look up once you're seated)!

55 star  seat view
sheppardnik Jan 25, 2022

Slightly obstructed stage view (back of stage right) but didn't really affect any part of this show, felt very close to the stage. This theatre is GORGEOUS!

44 star  seat view

Section Stalls

Ninalal667 Sep 4, 2022

Brilliant seats the only slight negative is the women’s toilets are located on the far left hand side so there is a lot of back&forth from people but this is mainly on the interval. Would definitely sit here again though

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jul 31, 2022

Excellent seats brilliant view

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jun 3, 2022

View is fine but the floor (and seat) in this whole row slopes downward at a precarious angle, making it hard to stay in your seat without constant pressure on your legs. Choose a different row.

22 star  seat view
HenryV Jan 22, 2022

Seat is in the fifth row so close to the stage in what is a quite compact theatre, but on a sight line with the stage so you are not looking up too much. Seats not heavily padded but comfortable enough for the 2hr show.

44 star  seat view
P33510 Jan 21, 2022

Amazing view

55 star  seat view
anonymous Dec 16, 2021

Overall great view. Missed a few things right at the back of the stage but it did not impact on the show aa a whole.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 19, 2021

Great seats, unobstructed view

55 star  seat view
anonymous Sep 6, 2021

Amazing seat, amazing value. Could see whole stage all time. Was not too hot or cold. Medium legroom.

55 star  seat view

Section Grand Circle

anonymous Aug 12, 2022

View restricted by lighting bar and a hand rail. However, I was able to lean forward and see everything with no problem. Thoroughly enjoyed the show and never thought about the 'restricted'view.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Jun 29, 2022

Great view of the stage! Slightly obstructed to the right but overall a really good view. High up though so may not be good for anyone scared of heights!!

44 star  seat view
ryanbeatty Feb 23, 2022

A section of the stage is not visible as can be seen in the photograph. Otherwise a very good seat.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Sep 1, 2021

It says restricted view and it is but you can definitely lean forward

44 star  seat view

Section Dress circle

RossB95 Aug 29, 2021

5 foot 9 my seat was great didn't miss any part of the performance only a little bit of the bottom left corner was obscured but otherwise I didn't need to even move my head to see around anyone else to see anything happening on the stage.

55 star  seat view

Section Floor

Sian lynch Aug 26, 2021

Good seat however do miss a little bit if you seeing Jamie you will mess but of the garden scene and school

44 star  seat view

Section Grand Circle Box C

anonymous Aug 19, 2021

Good value and no neighbours.

33 star  seat view
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