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Section Front Mezzanine R

cloudys2 Jun 4, 2023

Amazing seat! We didn’t miss a single thing from these seats! The cast came up to these seats during preshow and spoke to the people next to us.

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra R

cloudys2 Jun 4, 2023

Lottery win. Great view of everything, nothing was obstructed!

55 star  seat view
ebed125 May 29, 2023

Some minor action was blocked but it was a lottery ticket so I'm not complaining

33 star  seat view
wallacebway0219 May 21, 2023

General Rush

55 star  seat view
anonymous May 3, 2023

Comfortable with great legroom - stage was more of a raised wooden platform with room for your legs/feet underneath. A bit off to the right and so close that one actor might be blocking another, etc., but the view is great in terms of facial expression.

55 star  seat view
sytwix Apr 22, 2023

Great view - the orchestra side section curves so aisle seats have clear view of the stage. This is one seat from the aisle. It's also not too far from the stage. Highly recommend this seat.

55 star  seat view

Section Rear Mezzanine R

T.Craft May 25, 2023

Stage not blocked at all! Would sit here again.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra C

galaxy.nyc May 24, 2023

Really good seat, there was a taller guy in front of me but he didn't block much

44 star  seat view
blackbird685 May 24, 2023

Good seat. Great leg room

55 star  seat view
emoo725 May 13, 2023

Great view, very comfortable

wecanlivelikejackandsally Apr 30, 2023

Very comfy seats at the Barrymore. I’m plus size and I’ve never had this much room at any theatre. There was also tons of leg room. The most comfortable theatre seats I’ve been in. The view was great as well.

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra L

Lena F. May 13, 2023

Couldn't seat some of the action on the stage. I don

anonymous May 8, 2023

Lottery seats 9 and 11. Obstructed by the toy box and some other parts of the set. Moved to different seats at intermission

33 star  seat view
anonymous May 6, 2023

Aisle seat decent view. Great value rush ticket.

44 star  seat view
wallacebway0219 Apr 29, 2023

General Rush.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Apr 28, 2023

It’s a good seat for the price - lottery ticket. Definitely can see facial expressions but being on the extreme side you do miss some moments. I would say you can see 85% of what’s happening and so for the lottery price it’s alright ultimately.

33 star  seat view
Broadway1074 Apr 24, 2023

In Person Rush. Great seat! Full view and you can see the actors faces clearly! If you are there to see Neil Patrick Harris I would sit on the left because he is the the top left corner most of the show!

55 star  seat view

Section Front Mezzanine C

AVAAntares May 2, 2023

Excellent view!

55 star  seat view

Section Box D

AmbeeLee Apr 26, 2023

In Person rush. For another show at this theater, this box seat might not be bad. But for Pan Goes Wrong, horrible view. The entire downstage right area is blocked and a LOT happens in that spot. Not even standing up could you see anything.

11 star  seat view

Section Rear Mezzanine C

roselamphere Apr 23, 2023

Leg room is tight but dead center for the stage

33 star  seat view
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