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Section LC2

anonymous Mar 12, 2020

Online says this is a limited view seat because of the bar/wall in front of you. It’s the first row of the second balcony. The seats were great for an inexpensive ticket. It’d be difficult for a child to see over the bars, but for an adult it’s fine.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra

anonymous Feb 21, 2020

Good view of stage but the tech booth was so distracting. Seats were bar stool height, and I could not reach the cross bar so my feet dangled all night. Nothing on site map indicates these problems

11 star  seat view
zero6321 Oct 13, 2019

Great seat

55 star  seat view

Section First balcony

anonymous Sep 12, 2019

Limited view seat, but if you sit up straight, it wasn’t terrible.

33 star  seat view

Section Second Upper Balcony

anonymous Jun 6, 2019

For it’s budget price, the speaker only blocked moments when the actors were in the center of the 2nd story of the set. When the guy in front of me leaned forward for the 2nd act, my entire view was blocked. I had to lean into my bf in seat 121.

33 star  seat view

Section Pit

anonymous May 13, 2019

Front row center. 6' from a 3' high stage

55 star  seat view

Section O2

carsoncrow21 Jan 27, 2019

Pretty good seats, the orchestra level isn't super steep, so at times it was a bit difficult to see over people's heads. Overall, the seats were pretty solid!

44 star  seat view