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Section 110

RiverPhantom May 9, 2017

Section 110 is covered, which was VERY welcome at this year's Derby. The section appears temporary; perhaps it's only put up for this weekend. The section had it's own betting windows and bathrooms- actually bathroom trailers. Tickets here include unlimited drinks (nice), and an unlimited buffet (brisket, sausages, hot dogs, salads, dessert). Your wristband gives you the ability to wander around the track. This picture is looking back towards the finish line in front of the twin spires This seat isn't a great place to watch the race. The roof obscures part of the screen on the track; the tvs in the section and the structure partially block the horses as they go by; and the temporary broadcast booths set up on the first turn block you from seeing much of the first turn. Enjoyed the event, but the actual seat wasn't great.

22 star  seat view

Section 117

anonymous May 4, 2019

Great view of finish line. Says it’s covered but Row G is on the front and you will get wet if rains. Go for Row H for a dryer day.

44 star  seat view

Section 124

dogtulosba May 7, 2013

Kentucky Derby 139

33 star  seat view
dogtulosba May 7, 2013

Kentucky Derby 139


Section 317

anonymous May 23, 2016

Great seat at finish. Site turned the pic sideways for some reason

55 star  seat view

Section 323

BadAndy0015 May 20, 2012

Kentucky Derby 133 Saturday, May 05, 2007