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Section 103

anonymous Nov 13, 2019

Floor Seating with Folding Chairs. Great view if standing. Floor is all same level so plan to stand.

55 star  seat view

Section 200

anonymous Sep 27, 2019

Photo taken standing, without any zoom.

44 star  seat view

Section 202

Lizbet84 May 9, 2019

There’s a huge general audience space for standing and everyone who PAID A PREMIUM to sit in the box seats was seated except for a couple in front of our box. So 5 of 6 seated in our box saw nothing but this couple the entire concert. Not happy.

22 star  seat view
Lizbet84 May 9, 2019

So IF the old-enough-to-know-better couple in the box ahead of us would have sat at their seat like EVERYONE else instead of standing up like they were in the general pit....maybe 5 of the 6 sitting in our box could have SEEN A THING.

22 star  seat view
anonymous May 3, 2019

great seat if the people seating in the box tables in-front don’t stand up like the person in front of me did

33 star  seat view

Section AA

anonymous Dec 8, 2018

We thought these would be prime seats but there is a row of tables in front of us and the people at the tables completely blocked our view of the stage AND screen. As long as everyone is standing it's not an issue. The last row in the back have a better

11 star  seat view

Section balcony

anonymous Mar 13, 2018

best night ever

44 star  seat view

Section FLOOR

EHICKES_ATL Aug 15, 2018


44 star  seat view

Section GA PIT

anonymous Sep 29, 2018

BEST SHOW EVER! The coca cola roxy staff is really rude, the show was kind of unorganized but my view, was amazing. I camped (off property since the coca cola roxy is on private) and ended up being center barricade for the show. Worth the time and struggle

55 star  seat view

Section GENADM

anonymous Jan 31, 2020

I was near one of the pillars near the front. I managed to scoot from behind it and was able to view most of the concert. Despite the obstruction, I had an amazing time!

44 star  seat view

Section General Admission 3

anonymous Nov 8, 2019

Great show and good view

44 star  seat view