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Section Orchestra L

Jessigaga Jun 4, 2022

Missed a little on stage left, otherwise very close and great seats

44 star  seat view
anonymous Mar 19, 2017

A little off angle for far side of stage but overall good seats

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra R

anonymous May 15, 2022

Not a bad seat, but not great either. Nice to be so close and see faces so clearly, but you do miss a fair bit of upstage right. Not a huge problem for this particular production, but still annoying.

33 star  seat view
broadwaybobl Nov 5, 2021

Great seat!!! 4th row. Perfect view. Leg room decent.

44 star  seat view
rv2166 Jul 31, 2018

iPhone 6, no zoom; seat is close to stage, far back right of stage isn't visible

44 star  seat view

Section Loge

anonymous May 13, 2022

Amazing show, amazing seat

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra C

anonymous Nov 22, 2021

Good seats! Close enough to see actors faces. Like most seats here there’s limited leg room.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 7, 2021

Comfortable seat, decent leg room, good view of stage (off aisle 3).

55 star  seat view
russelldunkin Jun 16, 2019

Seats are center of the stage but a little far back to fully see expressions. Floor doesn't rise much in this orchestra so shorter people may struggle

33 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 3, 2018

Yoi can seek the whole stage if you lean a little to the right or left. Probably 100 feet from stage. It was good for a Musical but you can’t see the actors face features. It was good for the pricernI paid. Pit band was fantastic!

44 star  seat view

Section Mezzanine R

rv2166 Jun 29, 2019

iPhone 6, no zoom, full view of stage, people in front aren't too much of an obstruction

44 star  seat view


cornfield948 Oct 9, 2018