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Section 1st Balcony A

happyroses Jul 20, 2019

Not bad if you're on a budget!


Section 1st Balcony C

anonymous Apr 2, 2018

Great to see the stage exactly Center. You can sort of see people’s faces, but not as good as Orchestra. Sound was good.


Section 2nd Balcony Box E

anonymous Jul 26, 2019

This is the view leaning forward. Leaning back against the seat creates an obstructed view.

22 star  seat view
anonymous Jul 26, 2019

Great Seat. A little far but a clear view. Also has a space behind seats 6-8 for safely keeping purse/bag.

44 star  seat view
anonymous Jul 26, 2019

This view is while leaning against the seat back. A clear view requires leaning forward, which gets uncomfortable eventually.

22 star  seat view

Section Box 12

anonymous Apr 5, 2018

Nice view.


Section Box 7

anonymous Apr 20, 2019

Great seats.

44 star  seat view

Section Orchestra C

HighDesertBruin Sep 14, 2015

In the absolute center of the row and far enough in front of the balcony to avoid any acoustic compromise. 5 rows closer (you can do the alphabet math) would be the best seat in the house. (The slope of the floor dimishes in front of that row.)

anonymous Mar 3, 2019

Really great seat, on the aisle, no obstructions, and can see the actors' facial expressions clearly but don't have to crank your neck to see the whole stage.

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jul 16, 2019

This row is the last row in this section. It has two rows worth of audio visual control boards directly behind these seats.

22 star  seat view
anonymous Jul 17, 2019

This is the last row in this section and is directly in front of the AV equipment which is noisy. The fans make it hard to hear. Don't get tickets here.


Section Orchestra D

anonymous Dec 3, 2017

Large pit, so still not too close. Great seats - #1 is on aisle

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jan 11, 2019

Good seat. Whole stage in view. 5 rows from the back.



mare-e Jul 1, 2018

Nice view. This is a darn good seat.

55 star  seat view

Section Orchestra E

anonymous Jan 8, 2017

U really miss the rear right portion of the stage

33 star  seat view