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Section Dress Circle

anonymous Dec 20, 2021

Excellent view. We can see the orchestra below and a really good view of the stage.

55 star  seat view
caseytredgett Aug 11, 2021

Perfect seat, could see everything

55 star  seat view

Section Stalls

Natty.Willis Sep 29, 2021

Amazing seats with such a great view of the entire show throughout. rnAmple legroom and order at the seat service (probably just for throughout the covid period)

55 star  seat view
cj981 Sep 23, 2021

Amazing seats for last minute with plenty of legroom and great stadium style seating

44 star  seat view
anonymous Aug 12, 2021

Very good uninterrupted view first row not too low to the stage with the orchestra pit below. Comfortable seat plenty legroom. In the photo to the left a speaker attached to the top of the barrier that's seat 2 and maybe a problem for shorter people

anonymous Jul 28, 2021

Plenty of leg room and a great view

55 star  seat view
anonymous Jun 20, 2019

Great view.

55 star  seat view
esteveyb Jun 19, 2019

Great view

55 star  seat view

Section Upper Circle

Ellen04 Aug 20, 2021

Pretty good view for the price of the ticket, can see and hear almost everything - doesn’t have a lot of leg room and at points you can’t see actors during entrance via door to the side of the stage

44 star  seat view
philaplin Nov 30, 2019

English National Opera

55 star  seat view

Section Dress circle

anonymous Aug 12, 2021

Brilliant view £65 ticket

55 star  seat view
anonymous Aug 4, 2021

A very good view. Well worth it. Loved the show.

55 star  seat view

Section Upper circle

anonymous Jul 25, 2021

Great seats for hairspray!

44 star  seat view

Section Upper Circlee

anonymous Jun 24, 2021

Great seats. Would have liked a little more leg room but it wasn’t too bad. Awesome view

44 star  seat view

Section Balcony

MBH21 Feb 12, 2021

Cramped and uncomfortable, but maybe worth it for a cheapie. Great show with Kelsey Grammer, wish I'd paid more for a seat closer to the stage.

22 star  seat view