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Mercedes-Benz Stadium » section 310

Section 310 is tagged with: behind home team sideline
Seats here are tagged with: can be in the shade during a day game has an obstructed view of the scoreboard is on the aisle
  • anonymous 1 star football seat view
    Mercedes-Benz Stadium, section: 310, row: 34, seat: 27
    Atlanta Falcons vs Cincinnati Bengals
    Stairs were TERRIBLE. I'm young and healthy and still had trouble walking up so many. Too high up to see the halo. Very disappointing. We were on the very top row and it rocked everytime someone moved. Made me nervous as there was a huge drop off behind us
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium, section: 310, row: 10, seat: 11
    Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars