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  • Portman Road, section: SBR 2, row: H, seat: 89
    Ipswich Town FC vs Bolton Wanderers
    30/07/22. First game of 22-23. 1-1
  • Portman Road, section: SAR 2, row: V, seat: 62
    Ipswich Town FC vs West Ham United
    Pre-season 12/07/22
  • Portman Road, section: SBR 5, row: U, seat: 93
    Ipswich Town FC
    Any further back and you may be under the overhang from the upper tier. Usually more atmosphere in the lower tier but much better view from the upper.
  • anonymous 5 star soccer seat view
    Portman Road, section: I, row: G, seat: 33
    Ipswich Town FC vs Charlton Athletic FC
    Very good view in a very good ground. Final game of the season and the atmosphere was electric, and the performance was also pretty good too
  • Portman Road, section: V1, row: L, seat: 25
    Ipswich Town FC vs Portsmouth FC
    Terrible leg room, terrible space between seats, thin, small, cramped.. good view of action
  • Portman Road, section: U2, row: A, seat: 181
    Ipswich Town FC vs Wycombe Wanderers FC

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  • Portman Road
    Ipswich Town FC vs Tranmere Rovers
    League 1, Saturday 28/09/19, unreserved away section, front row nearest seats available towards central area, decent view but rows at the rear have restricted views due to low hanging roof beams.
  • anonymous 3 star soccer seat view
    portman road, section: V1, row: V, seat: 24
    Ipswich Town FC
  • anonymous 3 star soccer seat view
    portman road, section: V2, row: V, seat: 23
    Ipswich Town FC
    Classed as restricted view, but not much of a restricted view of the pitch from this seat.
  • Portman Road, section: V2, row: H, seat: 0002
    Ipswich Town FC vs Aston Villa
  • Portman Road, section: T, row: E, seat: 81
    Ipswich Town FC vs Blackburn Rovers