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  • Citi Field, section: 508, row: 10, seat: 17
    New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Barclays Center, section: 15, row: 17, seat: 9
    Bivouac vs 3 Headed Monsters
    Big 3 Basketball
  • Maimonides Park, section: 4, row: E, seat: 8
    Brooklyn Cyclones vs Mahoning Valley Scrappers
    Great intimacy with the playing field and players, able to hear gameplay conversations and discussions
  • Citi Field, section: 509, row: 8, seat: 24
    New York Mets vs Colorado Rockies
  • PNC Park, section: 130, row: H, seat: 12
    Pittsburgh Pirates vs Arizona Diamondbacks
    Great atmosphere, view of skyline across river
  • Progressive Field, section: 184, row: B, seat: 15
    Cleveland Guardians vs Atlanta Braves

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  • Nationals Park, section: 408, row: A, seat: 21
    Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds
    Great view, in the shade for afternoon/night games. Glass fence can be obstructing
  • Citi Field, section: 130, row: 31, seat: 11
    New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers
    Great view overall, leftfield corner is obstructed
  • Citi Field, section: 130, row: 31, seat: 11
    New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Barclays Center, section: 202, row: 5, seat: 12
    Brooklyn Nets vs Denver Nuggets
  • Citi Field, section: 327, row: 6, seat: 18
    New York Mets vs Washington Nationals
    Great view of whole field, good opportunity for foul balls
  • Citi Field, section: 412, row: 4, seat: 7
    New York Mets vs Philadelphia Phillies
    Great view with a great chance for foul balls

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  • Citi Field, section: 141, row: 3, seat: i
    New York Mets vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Great view of the whole field
  • Barclays Center, section: 207, row: 14, seat: 6
    Brooklyn Nets vs Indiana Pacers
  • Barclays Center, section: 31, row: 12, seat: 12
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Northwestern Wildcats
    Much closer than looks in the picture, very good seats
  • Citi Field, section: 109, row: 14, seat: 5
    New York Mets vs Miami Marlins
    Great seats, view of everything
  • Maimonides Park, section: 6, row: C, seat: 6
    Brooklyn Cyclones vs Hudson Valley Renegades
    Not a bad seat in the house, great view of the home dugout
  • Citi Field, section: 518, row: 12, seat: 14
    New York Mets vs Chicago Cubs
    Good view of whole field
  • Yankee Stadium, section: 232b, row: 6, seat: 8
    New York Yankees vs Chicago White Sox
    Good view but left field it slightly obstructed
  • Barclays Center, section: 205, row: 10, seat: 10
    Villanova Wildcats vs Iowa Hawkeyes
    Good enough view of the court, on the side behind the benches, glass above entry passageway not obstructing view, but is a minor annoyance
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