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Section 115

anonymous Apr 7, 2022

Limited view of the stage and titantron but still worth it because you can still see the ring easily!

44 star  seat view
anonymous Apr 7, 2022

April 6, 2022


Section 110

anonymous Apr 6, 2022

Bummer for the wrestling show the camera setup is immediately in front. Mostly obscured view of the ring. No bueno.

11 star  seat view

Section 102

hythloth Oct 26, 2019

Last row in the section. I wouldn't recommend being so close to the stairs, which remain lit up too bright during the whole show.

33 star  seat view

Section 106

hythloth Oct 26, 2019

The lights on all the stairs are lit up way too bright throughout the entire show, which messes with the ambiance.

22 star  seat view

Section Floor 1

hythloth Oct 26, 2019

Floor 1 is the best section in this venue. Plenty of personal space available while you can still be close to the stage.

55 star  seat view

Section 103

alexa13 Feb 11, 2017

row is at the top of the section, great seat though!

55 star  seat view

Section Floor 2

haley63 Jan 4, 2017

This section was general admission, and our position was one row back from the barricade.

55 star  seat view