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Section 4

jbiggi10 Mar 5, 2022

Seats on an aisle - Rate 6 out of 10

33 star  seat view

Section 22

SLH97 Feb 26, 2022

From 1/9/2018. Not a bad seat in the place!

55 star  seat view

Section 16

Based Feb 19, 2022

KU vs OSU on Feb 14, 2022. KU 76 - OSU 62

55 star  seat view
anonymous Nov 3, 2017

Great seats right next to tv cameras

33 star  seat view
ku1525 Nov 1, 2017

Not a bad spot. About 10 rows from the top and in the middle of the section.

44 star  seat view

Section 13

ku1525 Feb 27, 2020

Close to court. Although due to the students standing up, the people in the first 3 rows below us stood the whole game. At row 5, you can barely see over them while sitting down. Good spot but would be better if you were a few rows higher or to the left.

44 star  seat view
ku1525 Feb 21, 2017

12/3/16 Pretty far away. Not a bad view though.

33 star  seat view

Section 14

ku1525 Jan 13, 2020

Great angle if you're sitting in seats 1-9. This section also has seats that have more of a "sideline view" so you would have to rotate your head the whole game. This photo is looking straight forward in the seat.

44 star  seat view

Section D1

ianoptic Oct 25, 2019

First game of the 2019-2020 season! KU basketball team defeated Fort Hays State, 86-56. 10/24/2019 Seats were located in the corners behind the baseline. Close to the sideline with decent view.

44 star  seat view

Section J

ku1525 Jan 22, 2019

Last row in lower level. Can lean back against railing.

55 star  seat view

Section Corner 3

anonymous Feb 22, 2018

These seats were not angled toward the middle of the court, so I was turning my head a lot to get a good view. For the value these seats are pretty good. Get to see end-to-end action with good depth perception (as opposed to being behind a basket).

44 star  seat view

Section F

anonymous Feb 7, 2018

Great seat, near half court, close to aisle

55 star  seat view

Section 10

anonymous Jan 3, 2018

Zero view from row 1 in section 10. Fully obstructed by the marching band standing on risers. Even standing at the seat, the band is up higher. These seats should not be allowed to be sold.

11 star  seat view

Section 20-21

Tuxbuddy Dec 22, 2017

General Admission, abt 5 rows from the top.


Section P1

ku1525 Dec 19, 2017

Great spot. Actual 2nd row in P1.

55 star  seat view

Section 6

ku1525 Nov 1, 2017

Can't get much better. Dead center in the chair back seats. If people are coming through the tunnel then the view can be slightly blocked at times. Perfect seat would be 2 rows higher so you see over the people walking by.

55 star  seat view

Section 18

ku1525 Feb 21, 2017


44 star  seat view

Section U

ku1525 Feb 21, 2017

Great spot. Was worried that it was going to be too far behind basket but it ended up being great. No longer student section

55 star  seat view

Section H

anonymous Feb 14, 2017

Incredible game!

55 star  seat view

Section 15

BobBru Feb 3, 2017

Feb 1, 2017. Ranked 2 vs 3…a stressful game with multiple lead changes.

44 star  seat view
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