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Section 116

anonymous Mar 9, 2022

Seats pretty good good sight lines and not too far down

55 star  seat view

Section 226

robin818 Feb 14, 2022

Pretty good seats


Section 105

anonymous Dec 22, 2021

It really wasn’t a bad view in the slightest. And my phone did really well at getting pics from these seats.

44 star  seat view

Section Right PIT

briannafaith Sep 30, 2019

I also recommend getting to the venue early so you can get a good spot in the pit! I was the second person in line and was right at a barricade. Was there 2-3 hours before doors opened.

55 star  seat view
briannafaith Sep 30, 2019

I loved being in the pit, Carrie walks all around, so you can see her on all aspects of the stage. My ticket was just as much as a regular seat so I figured I would try pit out. I got sick, so I’d recommend eating food before and drink plenty of water!!

55 star  seat view

Section 215

Ngarner2 May 30, 2019

NCAA Round 2

55 star  seat view

Section 115

MichelleMTucker Apr 18, 2019

Love love this show. Seats were perfect. Sound was great.

44 star  seat view
MichelleMTucker Apr 18, 2019

Amazing showing. Seats where great but hard to see stage at times unless you stand up because of others standing. Would purchase tickets again.

44 star  seat view

Section 113

anonymous Mar 13, 2019

Row 9 has a railing and it’s elevated above row 8 so you have any unobstructed view! This photo is not zoomed in. Actual view. Awesome!

55 star  seat view

Section 219

anonymous Feb 19, 2019

Great victory vs A&M with Beth, Jim, Kayla and William. Great Basketball game.

55 star  seat view

Section 103

Gr8fulKev Apr 22, 2016

Amazing view and seat for an absolutely incredible 3 hour party!! 04/21/2016

55 star  seat view